Certifer AEbt – Germany
Certifer AEbt is an international and experienced certification body operating in Germany.

Main Activites of Certifer AEbt

AEbt Certifer is an appointed (as DeBo) and notified body in the registration and certification activities of rail system vehicles in accordance with national and international rules. It fulfills the registration, risk assessment, ECM authorization, accreditation and certification solutions of many large companies, especially the German railways. AEbt's engineering office is active worldwide and significantly involved in the complex approval processes of railway technology. An internationally experienced competence team supports well-known customers from industry and operations in the assessment and testing of rail systems, as well as safety assessment and approval of rail vehicles. • Approval management • Assessment of risk management • Assessments and certifications for vehicles and components • Testing laboratory for rail vehicles • RAMS assessments • Reports for all railway areas • Safety certificates • Seminars and workshops  

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