Vocational Network for Railway Engineers

Railway Engineering VET needs analysis, preparation of internationalization strategy plan and establishment of international civil society dialogue. The partnership structure we have established and the activities we have planned will achieve these concrete objectives. With this network to be established within the scope of the project; In addition to high quality and innovative VET of engineers, it is aim to share experiences in adaptation to digital and green transitions.

Training Needs Analysis Survey for Railway Engineers

Determining the training needs of engineers

Training needs analysis evaluation report for Railway Engineers

Preparation of a detailed report on the training needs of engineers

DEMÜHDER Internationalisation Strategy Plan

Preparing and sharing a strategy plan for Demühder

European Railway Engineer Certification Road Map

Examination of certification processes within the scope of recognition for engineers.

Project Partners

Strong partnership structure from Turkey, Germany and Croatia

Demühder is an NGO representing engineers working in the rail systems industry in Turkey.
DEMÜHDER Project Coordinator
HDZI is an NGO representing engineers working in the rail systems industry in Crotia.
HDZI Project Partner
Certifer AEbt is an international and experienced certification body operating in Germany.
Certifer AEBT Project Partner